Attention: Unfortunately, renting a construction staircase is only
only possible offered within Germany!

Rent a staircase

Inexpensive and sustainable to the unfinished staircase

You only need your staircase for a limited period of time? Then our rent-instead-of-buy model is the right choice for you. We'll deliver everything to you with a perfect fit and you can use the stairs for exactly as long as you want. After use, you don't have to store or resell anything and you also benefit from our fair rental prices.

Building staircase structure

Staircase rental procedure

Everything from a single source: Renting construction stairs from easy-step is really simple. Once you have found the right staircase model, we put all the modules together for you as a practical bundle. You then have the choice between a self-collection or a practical Germany-wide on-site delivery. And when the job is finished, we will collect everything from you again promptly. Additional convenience: You can conveniently pay the construction stair rental by direct debit.

Construction stairs for short and long term rental

Exactly as required: With us, you have the option of keeping your construction staircase as a short-term rental for six to twelve months. A longer rental period of one year or more is also possible at favourable prices. We are happy to offer individual special conditions for larger quantities. The following prices (plus VAT, plus freight) apply to our rental models:

Construction staircase long-term rental from one year:

  • easy-step: 25,50 € net per month
  • Safety railing 2-piece: € 5.50 net per month

Construction staircases Short-term rental (6-12 months):

  • easy-step: € 47.50 net per month
  • easy-step (from 2 stairs): 34,00 € net per month
  • Safety railing 2-piece: € 6.00 per month

Advantages of the construction staircase rental

  • Price advantage: renting is much cheaper than buying
  • Convenience: no hassle with storage space or resale
  • sustainable: rental system conserves resources and the environment
  • Private advantage: lucrative conditions, especially for one-off use


You need a construction staircase for rent? Do you have any further questions about our unfinished staircase models for rent? Contact us now!