Construction of your staircase

Aiming high in record time

15 minutes: hardly any unfinished staircase can be assembled that quickly! With easy-step there is no need for tedious measuring, fiddling, sawing boards, and
Gather the assembly material - simply put all the elements together according to the instructions and the staircase is ready in a quarter of an hour.

Child's play to the unfinished staircase

Impressive on all levels: The easy-step plug-in system consists of handy individual elements that make it easy to erect a structural staircase even single-handedly - and in less than 15 minutes. Our easy-to-understand instructions will guide you through the entire assembly process. In addition, you can expand your stair tower floor by floor as you wish.

This is how to make stairs fun: First, align the basic beams on a firm and straight surface. Then simply plug the stair parts together level by level according to the instructions. Thanks to the simple and at the same time safe plug-in system, the only tools needed are a hammer drill, a 10 mm masonry drill, a 13 mm open-ended spanner and a rubber mallet.

easy-step building stairs


Space-saving storage for construction stairs

Storage hero: The easy-step construction staircase is easy to handle even when dismantled and makes no special demands on a storage location. Stacked neatly on top of each other, the elements of your unfinished staircase do not take up much space and can be easily stored anywhere on the supplied Euro pallet.

Transport of the construction staircase

From A to B in no time at all: Do you want to transport the construction stairs from one building site to the next? Then simply stack all the stair elements on top of each other as described in the instructions. The resulting compact bundle can be easily transported with a small van or trailer. The return transport of your rented staircase is also extremely convenient: Simply dismantle everything, stack it and have it collected.

Construction staircase easy-step Transport 4
Construction staircase easy-step Transport 3
Construction staircase easy-step Transport 2
Construction staircase easy-step Transport 1


Would you like more information on the assembly of easy-step construction stairs? Do you have any further questions about transporting easy-step stairs? Contact us now!