One staircase - many advantages

That's what makes easy-step so special:
With the easy-step system, you are assured of a high-quality unfinished staircase that adapts highly flexibly to your needs:
The individual elements can be combined almost infinitely with intuitive handling - and the construction of the stairs is also successful for the layman
in less than a quarter of an hour.

Whether it's a site staircase, emergency staircase or temporary staircase: the easy-step site staircase is always the right solution

Building staircase structure

Construction staircases as a competitive advantage for staircase builders

The safe way up! Staircase builders are often faced with the same problem: the staircase is one of the last installations to be made - until then, many customers have to bridge the construction period with emergency solutions using ladders or temporary scaffolding. easy-step closes this gap: Many prospective customers will decide in favour of a staircase from your company if the offer includes a high-quality carcass staircase at a low price.

Years of service life!

Our site staircases are made of hot-dip galvanised steel, giving them enormous stability and a long service life, even with constant use. The entire staircase structures can be erected self-supporting and are only fixed for safety reasons. The non-slip perforated plate steps ensure a secure hold even during assembly.

Construction staircase easy-step structure

Combinable & Extendable

Construction stairs in use

A staircase for all cases: Floors with special heights, winding old buildings or complex split-level buildings - easy-step construction stairs adapt effortlessly to all structural conditions. Thanks to flexible modular construction, stair towers can be configured even for highly complex requirements. Always as a simple plug-in system that makes staircase construction child's play even for a single person.


Building stairs stairs_btn_half_spiral_right
Building stairs half_spiral_right


Construction stairs stairs_btn_sform
Building staircase s-form


Building stairs stairs_btn_quarter_spiral_up_right
Building stairs quarter_spiral_top_right


staircase stairs_btn_quarter_spiral_down_right
Building stairs quarter_spiral_down_right


Construction stairs stairs_btn_straight
Building stairs straight


Construction stairs stairs_btn_splittlevel
Building stairs splittlevel

Our FAQs: Everything about easy-step construction stairs

From a model overview to ordering to assembly and disassembly: in our FAQs you will find all the information about our unique easy-step construction staircase system at a glance.


Weight, dimensions, etc.

Details match every easy-step! All staircases can be assembled left- or right-handed!

Construction staircase easy-step specifications

Advantages of the easy-step construction stairs

With easy-step, you are opting for a solid and efficient all-rounder when it comes to site stairs:

  • Durable and robust: made entirely of hot-dip galvanised steel
  • Stable and safe: solid construction and non-slip perforated plate steps
  • favourable: fair prices and transparently staggered rental conditions
  • Quick and simple: assembled in less than 15 minutes using a plug-in system
  • Variable: modular, expandable structure for countless stair variants
  • Everywhere: adaptable to any spatial situation, across all floors


You want a construction staircase that is practical and flexible all around? Do you have any further questions about the easy-step raw construction stairs? Get in touch with us now!