Find out what makes our unfinished staircase so special.

Building staircase structure

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easy-step as a competitive advantage for staircase builders

As a staircase builder, you know the problem all too well. Your customers need a cost-effective and practical solution for their desired staircase during the entire construction period. This is where you as a stair specialist are in demand and required to offer your customer a complete solution. The actual staircase is one of the last fixtures in any building. But what solution can you provide during the entire construction period?

Many customers will choose a staircase from your house, because from now on you can offer easy-step, which during the entire construction period the safe way
over all floors is guaranteed. Gone are the days when you and your customers constructed daring and, above all, cumbersome emergency solutions with planks, planks, ladders and self-made scaffolding elements.

Because now comes easy-step the sensational and cost-effective system construction stairs. From now on, you can build a safe and functional staircase solution in any building in less than 15 minutes. And once the construction phase is complete and the actual built-in staircase is installed, you can install easy-step again just as quickly for your next customer.

Years of service life!

Our construction staircases are made of hot-dip galvanized steel, thus achieving their enormous stability and have a long service life even with constant use. The entire stair constructions can be erected self-supporting and are only fixed for safety reasons. The non-slip perforated sheet metal steps already ensure a secure hold during assembly.

easy-step system unfinished staircase superstructure

Combinable & Extendable

Individually applicable


Building stairs stairs_btn_half_spiral_right
Building stairs half_spiral_right


Construction stairs stairs_btn_sform
Building staircase s-form


Building stairs stairs_btn_quarter_spiral_up_right
Building stairs quarter_spiral_top_right


staircase stairs_btn_quarter_spiral_down_right
Building stairs quarter_spiral_down_right


Construction stairs stairs_btn_straight
Building stairs straight


Construction stairs stairs_btn_splittlevel
Building stairs splittlevel


Weight, dimensions, etc.

Details match every easy-step! All staircases can be assembled left- or right-handed!

easy-step system staircase specifications


The first and only staircase with system!